April 30, 2016

Snow Removal Insurance for Contractors   mills snow flyer

Mills Insurance Group offers snow removal insurance for contractors and snow fighters who maintain sidewalks, driveways, private residences, parking lots and commercial properties.  Eligible snow removal operations include: snow removal with skid-steer, loaders, shovels, snow blowers, or similar equipment as well as snow removal using trucks and plows with auto coverage in place.  Snow removal subcontractor insurance will also be considered for coverage.

Snow removal insurance is becoming more expensive, in large part due to frivolous claims that have simply become the norm.  The issues for the snow removal insurance companies are complicated and are hurting the entire industry. Slip and fall claims, which are major issues in the snow removal industry, and snow removal contractors without proper procedures and fair contract obligations are compromising standards. The snow removal contractors and snow fighters are in danger of becoming uninsurable, and as a result, the Accredited Snow Contractors Association has been formed to target these issues.


The snow contractor’s insurance market is a very misunderstood one.  We live in an age where people sue fast food restaurants because their coffee was too hot or their food “made” them obese.  Tobacco companies are being condemned by people who happily smoked their cigarettes in the face of warnings on the package.  And snow removal contractors are being sued by the careless pedestrian who ventures out during a blizzard and slips and falls in a parking lot because they rushed to get the last snow shovel and bag of salt.    


Accredited Snow Contractors AssociationASCA

Mills Insurance Group, along with GIE Media and SNOW Magazine, has created a blue print to a snow removal contractor-friendly insurance program,and Mills witnessed the birth of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.  Mills Insurance analyzed snow specific data, identified snow removal contractors’ exposures, developed innovative risk controls for those exposures and implemented these measures into the world we now know as the professional snow and ice management contractor. Mills will continue to monitor this process going forward.


The ASCA has provided the proper education to the industry, they also represent snow contractors to the world on the local, state and federal level.

Who is ASCA?

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is a trade association founded by GIE Media, Inc., owners of Snow Magazine. ASCA members are snow and ice management businesses, suppliers of snow and ice equipment, subcontractors performing snow and ice services, and other allied to the field.

ASCA was formed with purpose of advancing the professional snow and ice management industry and promote its role in performing high-risk services for society.

We encourage snow fighters and snow and ice removal professionals to join the ASCA at www.ascaonline.org.

ASCA's Mission Statement

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is a trade association with the purpose of advancing the professional snow and ice management industry and to promote its role in performing high-risk services to society including:

  1. Providing educational programs and publications in all aspects of snow and ice management, finance, business management, marketing and other specialized areas of professional interest;
  2. Conducting meetings and other programs designed to promote the exchange of ideas among members and to facilitate the conduct of their business;
  3. Collecting and disseminating information pertaining to the snow and ice management industry, including statistical data and other statistical research;
  4. Developing and maintaining professional accreditation programs to encourage high standards for snow and ice management professionals;
  5. Advocating the interest of the snow and ice management industry to local, state/provincial, federal and international governmental bodies;
  6. Advocating the interests of the snow and ice management industry to insurance companies and allied associations.

Learn more about this initiative at SNOW Magazine www.snowmagazineonline.com  or at www.ascaonline.org.